Is it worth taking the .INFO domain name

Started by dragon, Sep 04, 2022, 09:14 AM

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Is it worth taking .info domains for popular site? How are they progressing? I mean, they are now one of the cheapest, and a lot of doorways are probably riveted there. And maybe the SEs don't like it.

We need an international domain, .com and .net the necessary addresses are occupied.


Zone as zone.
About the dislike of zones by SEs - these are rather myths.
The main thing is to find out about the renewal price - it increases greatly for the second year on the .info  and it will be more profitable for the good site to take something else.

What info, what com, net, biz and others are new now, do not affect search engines in any way.
The initial purchase of many domain names is initially for $1, and then the extension is in full, $10-$20, there are even $50.


.info: recognition and trust.

It is easy to guess that the name of this zone is taken from the first four letters of the word "information", "information".
It and six other zones became the first new shared top-level domain names open for registration after the launch of the earliest zones. In 2000, there was a shortage of free domains in such zones as .com and .net, so a year later new ones appeared, including .info.

It was this zone that became the most popular of the very second wave of domain zones. According to Afilias, the .info admin company, 5 million addresses were registered in 2008, and today there are already 16 million addresses ending in .info. This result allows this zone to stay in the top 5 most popular domain zones in the world without taking into account national domains.

Curious fact: .info became the first zone whose name length exceeded three characters. And it also became the first common top-level domain that allowed the use of characters in the address not only the letters of the English language.
First, German characters were allowed, and then Spanish ones.

Having received the address in the zone .info , you will immediately show users the direction of your project.
The domain name in .info will be very suitable for information portals, online directories and even the media.  So do not give up the opportunity to stand out among competitors who use addresses in familiar domain zones.