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Started by ShreeVaghani, Oct 03, 2022, 03:22 AM

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ShreeVaghaniTopic starter

Hi everybody,
they wrote me a letter about my domain name (a well-known TM) - they allegedly want to peacefully negotiate before the start of the selection butting, they ask if I sell.
Has anyone had such an experience, is it a setup, and if not, how to behave correctly, and within what price limits are the limits of sane impudence.
And won't there be a setup when they run to the registrar with my letter to wring out the domain name?

I wonder if any of the forum users had a similar experience.


I think it makes sense to keep the answer in line - that the domain name was planned for our own needs and such a letter plunged us into shock and confusion, since there were no plans to enter into litigation.
And if you (i.e. they) are determined and we will have to look for a replacement for the existing domain, then I would like to
hear from you what you can offer in return.

you should not immediately put up for sale and name the price , however , as well as say something superfluous that can then be used against you .. but a lot depends on the domain zone and the date of registration, the country of the TM and your place of residence ..
or the domain name is already in the sedo parking lot.


Most countries have come to the conclusion that preventive measures are needed to prevent collisions between trademarks and domain names, but domain name registration is still carried out on the first-comefirst-serve principle/"first arrived- first served" (a system implying that the registration of a domain name will be carried out not on the basis of the presence/absence of a trademark or the intention of commercial use of the domain name, but on the basis of who will register the domain name first).
WIPO itself, in case of disputes, suggests contacting either the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (WIPOArbitrationandMediationCenter) or ICANN.