New gTLD, my opinion of its development

Started by spyindiaanu, Aug 11, 2022, 12:59 AM

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The appearance of a thousand zones will in any case affect the domain market.. the very concept of a domain market will disappear, it will take years.. 5-10 years.. but new zones will occupy their niche.. they are of no interest to end users and domainers.. in each of the new zones, there are a maximum of a hundred domain names of interest to domainers.. personally,
I would be happy to take,, in the estate zone. These domains will really be sold, but not for hundreds of thousands of dollars, within xхxX up to $5000.

They say these zones are commercial, and everyone remembers the appearance of tel, mobi, and other slag ... but please note that now not ten zones are breaking into the market, but almost a thousand .. in which there are any topics, and it seems to me that this is only the beginning ... the beginning of the end .. the Internet is developing so strongly that it can no longer be stopped and it is not controlled by anyone .
Domainers will promote them themselves, offering ends and describing all the advantages of "such beautiful names". Firms that have invested money in these zones are also not interested in the fall of all this .. The only minus is the price, but it seems to me that it will fall over time .

I do not recommend anyone to invest in new zones, except perhaps in premium keywords, you know what.. It makes no sense, many simple keywords are unlikely to be able to redeem domainers in general, so that the end would have no choice and had to buy on the secondary market.. too many zones .. topics .

I will give an instance from another area, autonumbers .
 it just seems to me that all domainers are here, everyone has large packages of domains in fr, com and everyone has a slightly subjective opinion. all numbers in the traffic police database, everything is official, as expected ..

Well, as in the states .. In parallel, the REO works and issues old-style numbers .. beautiful, clear .. Personally, I went I would have hung the numbers in a commercial organization, a little more expensive .. but I'd have taken the number that I myself want .. Or a first name, or a surname, or some numbers I like ..

I think many would have done this .. something like this I see the development of new zones .. But the secondary market for numbers is also not weak .. But dealers still will not be able to buy all the names, affectionate words, cherished numbers .. Old numbers will continue to be issued, but the market will not be the same ..
Probably somewhere I wrote chaotically, please don't find fault with the words, don't read between the lines, but just try to understand the general idea .. It seems to me that there will be a development of new zones .. and a serious one at that. domain names for projects.


The difference between optimists and pessimists discussing this topic, it seems to me, is that pessimists criticize new zones based on the literacy (or lack thereof) of users, while optimists cherish hope for the possessiveness of potential clients (holdings, media, corporations, organizations and others monsters), like CNN will not be able to bypass Today.News or News.Today

I will assume that most of the new domain names purchased today were purchased not by their final owners, but by "optimists". On the first day after the opening of the .Holdings zone, I saw the TM domain: Koc.Holdings ($ 15 billion) ...
I clicked on buy, a TM warning came out, I began to think why the richest holding in my country, which also has some. universities, one of which is our most prestigious IT university, with a department of its programmers and other Internet users over a thousand - so "stupidly" missed the domain of their Holding ... Actually, while I was thinking - an hour and a half - the domain name was gone, like 80 percent from the list The 100 coolest companies in the country (on the morning of the 7th, all of them, except for 3-5, were free) ... So they don't need it? So it is written in their Charters, Brand Books and other pieces of paper...

We take it for luck, I'm green in this matter, but I think the peak of sales will be at the beginning and maybe at the end (if it shoots), and by the middle everything will calm down, if, for instance, there is no hype at the same domain auctions for a couple or three months they see, then their buyers will stop actively taking them.

1-2 randomly sold domains from new ones is not an indicator, as they said - there will always be a weirdo like you, who either overestimated the same TM in the name of your domain name, or vice versa - underestimated the integrity of this TM to cyber  squatters. And no one canceled just luck, although I don't really believe in luck, and it may be superfluous, but I took all the new domains that I took according to strict (as it seemed to me) schemes and rules, deriving for myself at the beginning a hundred tables in Excel according to different topics of keywords, from city names with a dozen types of classifications, to popular words in everyday life in a especially country (remember the sale of the domain)

It was annoying that GoDaddy on the night of the domain release delayed the full activation of the Register Now button for 2 hours, probably buying up all the most interesting things at pre-registration prices during these 2 hours.

Today, someone wrote about a request for - it turned out - thereby showing how much all that is not in demand, but there will always be someone (lox or vice versa, lucky) who will buy this, and then time will tell .

Everything is individual in the world of individual domain names.
my absolutely no experience tells me - out of almost 40 new domains you sold 2, for xхxX $, for another 4-5 there is a request for $ 600, I was only the first to recapture almost the entire purchase. And who will convince me after that that I wasted my funds?