What is the difference between Escrow and Flippa Escrow?

Started by the_architect, Jul 07, 2022, 05:40 AM

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the_architectTopic starter

can you help me figure out the difference between Escrow and Flippa Escrow?
As far as I understand, Escrow takes a fee for selling / buying a domain - $ 25 minimum even if the domain is cheap (for $ 1-2), and Flippa Escrow is a free service and does not charge a fee?
Or have I misunderstood something?


Both services act as an intermediary in the transaction. In one case you pay for these services Escrow.com, in another Flippa.com
As for Escrow, the one who initiates the transaction, he chooses who pays the commission.
The other side must agree to this.

As for Flippa Escrow, it is Flippa Escrow that takes this commission, and not the bank that holds the card. What is honestly indicated when paying.


I sold the domain name through an American broker domainagents.com (actually, the request came through them) + escrow as a payment intermediary.
At the stage when everything was transferred ("the buyer made a deposit", "the seller transferred the domain name ", "the buyer confirmed the transfer") a blacklist of countries has turned out, which does not allow you to make either a PayPal transfer or a wire transfer to your bank account.
I had to fight a little with the escrow and the broker, as a result, the escrow was transferred to the broker, the broker transferred the PayPal to me. As it seemed to me, this is rather an exception to the rule. Otherwise, I would have been left without money, because the escrow service itself will not transfer money to you (it will apologize and point out the rules that you agreed to when registering).