What is the use of domainers?

Started by beingchinmay, Sep 05, 2022, 03:04 AM

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Is there any benefit from domainers for society?
Domainers are speculators (intermediaries). They don't create something useful for society. They are a problem of society.
Domainers are beneficial only to domain registrars and services that earn on domainers.

Or is there any benefit from domainers for society?

If there were no domainers, then:
1. people with money would buy beautiful names from other ends (it would be more difficult to buy domains, but the prices would be lower);
2. people with a small amount of money would have more beautiful domains..

As one respected forum member said: "Domains need to be used for their intended purpose."


For society in general, only doctors and gravediggers benefit.
Doctors are useful to gravediggers - they supply them with work.
Doctors will die too, so gravediggers are the most useful members of society.
Society creates only cemeteries.
So, if you are not a gravedigger, then you are also useless to society.


From time to time there are under-brands without money who begin to write sheets, what harm we bring, that the domainers are "speculators" and there is no benefit from us. Did someone write to you like this?

It's just the whining of those who have no money, and who want to get beautiful names for a song. And they also believe that everyone is obliged to them, and entrepreneurs are all combinators, schemers and scammers.

The benefits and the service that we provide are quite specific - people with money can buy beautiful names from us for a considerable cost. It is for people with money that we keep beautiful names and provide such service and advice, if necessary. And as entrepreneurs, we act within the available market opportunities, fully according to the law, and paying taxes as an LLC / sole proprietor or physicist (personal income tax).

They will always whine, and entrepreneurs from various fields are accused of being parasites. Envy, powerlessness, and many other reasons... At all times, dogs barked, and merchant caravans went.

At some point in time, the future end is busy with some business projects and he is not up to a specific domain.
And the domainer at this moment tracked down that a specific beautiful domain name was being released and staked it for $100, for instance. The future end is simply not up to it at the moment, he is busy with something else... And six months later, this end comes with money, is interested in the cost, and buys a domain for $1K. That's the service. Everyone has their own role and their own function at any given time. The benefits are obvious for the domainer and for the end with money. And there is no use for a left-wing scribbler without a penny.


Domainers are investors. They register and renew promising domains for sale or launch of their project in the future.
Now many businessmen and entire corporations are interested in domaining – it's easier to reserve a domain in advance than to look for a suitable name when everything is already occupied. Domainers are often confused with cybersquatters, but there is as much difference between these concepts as there is between a programmer and a hаcker.

What is the main difference between a cybersquatter and a domainer or a hаcker?
 Cybersquatters register domains identical or similar to well-known trademarks to sell or receive traffic. Unlike domainers, which is absolutely legal, cybersquatting is administratively punishable.
But, in most cases, it is difficult even for courts to determine the fact of cybersquatting – it is usually determined by a combination of factors and is not always obvious.