Which domain zones are most popular?

Started by tomjohn, Sep 06, 2022, 10:11 AM

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The essence of the question is as follows, I am registering a new domain name for a my project, which domain zone is better to choose?
Will it affect the price when selling links and ads? Which domain zones are most in demand?
what about the "zone" of .city and .club, the city costs $20 or more, the "club" seems to be becoming popular, but it costs 1-1.5 euros, I looked at info at my intended address, about 3-3.15 euros.


In my opinion, so ..
If the website turns out to be successful and the indicators for buyers of links are suitable, then the zone does not matter and will not affect the price.
And without indicators for any zone, they will not buy links from this website.

But that would then certainly not regret, choose the usual ones for everyone .COM, .NET, .ORG

If I find a beautiful name, it is occupied in popular zones, I look at other zones + annual maintenance. But that is for the project.
But if you look from the point of view of selling links, the ones that are heard are better. And those that are in the exchanges selling links, GGL, for instance, are in the search settings. There is such a tick there, "Others" is called. Here you don't need a zone from the "Others" list at all.


The traditional top three (.com, .net, .org) does not change, but the number of fans of new international domains is actively growing - .xyz is already in the sixth position.
The Tokelau domain (.tk) has reached the top of the most popular international and regional domains thanks to dumping — many PBN specialists register domains there for a penny.

The national domain zone of Germany (.de) has become mega-popular among fans of cryptocurrency, thanks to the association with the word .decentralization.
The Columbia domain (.co) is often used as a corporate domain, instead of .com.

One of the most interesting examples of the transformation of a TLD from regional to international is a domain .bar for a city in Montenegro.
Since 2013, it has been actively used by bars, restaurants and thematic portals.