.com domains only regarding ASics and GPU selling store

Started by SHADOW_FANTOM, Jun 24, 2022, 01:43 AM

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In total, I have a budget of $3000 for purchasing five brandable domains that are focused on selling ASICs, GPUs, and mining hardware.

The domains must be .com and the shorter the better. Additionally, they must be pronounceable and fit within a budget range of $50-$5000 per domain. If you have names that meet these requirements, please PM me with your asking price and write "PM SENT" in the thread after submitting.
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I am offering a variety of domain names for sale, each priced at $350. The domains include Forum_yt, b2b_broker, cappi, scarf, surok, rembo_xyz, 777_gd, bitum_com, GalleryApple_com, and —Āvertvirus_com.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these domains, please send me a private message (PM).