For the first time ever, I'm seeing a significant decline in drop catching compe

Started by maxikk, Jun 21, 2022, 02:24 AM

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maxikkTopic starter

As you know from the sales reports, I'm probably the one with most drop sales here, so I definitely know this.

Drop competition has been falling over the last few weeks. And it's the first time I saw this happening, ever since I started domaining.

This doesn't necessarily mean it will continue to decline. But anyway it's a first for me. Side note, most of my domains (and sales) are drops.

What I have observed:

- Unlike few months ago, good backorders are down, to just a very few are still caught, much fewer than in the past. I used to get 4-5 of these get my names quick (the ones I aimed for), now it's either one or none.

- DC used to get a lot of crap on the side. Now they seem to focus on the 5-fig and higher valuables, and overall I see much less DC on these days. Notably, 2 months ago this was still different.

Obviously they stii catch both great names and not so great . But in the last 2-3 weeks at least, they seem to go mostly for the 5-fig and ones taken in many TLD's and not much else (at least from my specific view).

- I have been able to register great domains 20 minutes later (got busy and forgot about regs). Before, all these used to be snatched in a minute or two.

- I have been able to do the above on Saturdays and Sundays - this has practically never happened before.

What this tells me, is that the market is spooked and especially the lower tier buyers are getting out. And I think it's for a good reason. And yeah, that Nasdaq has taken a toll (not the index itself but obviously the startups mayhem behind this).

What to do now?

- Well, if you ask me, I'm sharply downsizing my portfolio, so some of this availability is from me as well. The ones I get at drops are far fewer than before and I am being much more selective. I'd recommend the same to you - downsizing the portfolio. This is not the time to start binge buying names.

- It is possible that in a few months, really great domains will come available at drops but also at auctions. I have actually expected this ever since NASDAQ started falling.

Since domain owners might have trouble maintaining their portfolios further, some great names will eventually become available. I'd save some good money for that (I do have a few tens of K saved for that particular moment). But the time for that isn't here yet, it'll be however here in a few months. For now what is getting available is low to mid 4-fig range domains mostly. It is, however, significant in my opinion.

How is your buy experience lately?

Drop a comment please, appreciated. Thanks


Its been easier to get domains on DC via either regular or discount catch for awhile now. I mean it might be affecting lower level names now but I have seen the trend allready occuring for at least 6 months.

I think several things are happening. People are getting more picky with their purchases. People are dropping more and keeping only their best.

People are allocating their funds among multiple things— traditional domains, nfts, ens and handshake domains, etc People are obtaining up and coming tech and crypto names. People spent alot on the meta boom etc.

Renewals rose and will continue to do so that has some bearing as well.

People are still spending money in this space. Just how where and why have changed a bit.


In my experience of bidding in expired auctions across multiple platforms, names are getting much more expensive.
Bottom tier names that were single bid names a year or two ago are now 200 bucks and up. Even names in much lesser extensions are going for silly prices.


The Deferred Repayment Period is an addendum to the ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), which allows the registrant to return the domain name within a few days after its expiration. This time period varies depending on the TLD and usually ranges from 30 to 90 days. Prior to the introduction of RGP by ICANN, individuals could easily participate in the interception of domain names in order to extort money from the original registrant to buy their domain name back.

After the period between the expiration date of the domain name and the start of the RGP, the domain status changes to a "repayment period", during which the owner may be required to pay a fee (usually about $ 100) for re-registration. activate and re-register the domain. The ICANN RAA requires registrars to delete domain registrations after the second notification and expiration of the RGP. At the end of the 5-day "deferred deletion" phase, the domain will be deleted from the ICANN database.

Drop Catch Services
For particularly popular domain names, multiple parties are often used waiting for the expiration date. Since then, competition for expiring domain names has become the domain of drop-catching services. These services offer to allocate their servers to protect the domain name when it is available, usually at an auction price. Individuals with their limited resources find it difficult to compete with these firms for highly coveted domain names.

Retail registrars such as GoDaddy or eNom save names for auction through services such as TDNAM or Snapnames, through a practice known as domain name storage. Cargo capture services are provided by both registrars and non-accredited registrars.