How to perform private domain acquisitions successfully?

Started by chirkovmisha, Jun 27, 2022, 06:01 AM

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How to buy domain names in private acquisitions successfully?

I have tried before to purchase about 5 domain names privately, but I have never received any response. I am talking about domain names which aren't for sale or aren't in auction.

1. problem: how to contact the domain name owner? I tried to send emails to the email address listed in whois, I used the registar's contact form, but maybe the owner never received my messages (spam folder maybe?).

2. problem: how to word the cold email, what to write in my message? Maybe calling the owner would be a better option, but how to call the owner if I am unable to locate the phone number?

3. problem: I looked at domain name brokers, but they are expensive. And they will charge a fee even if I cannot buy the domain, or even if I could contact the owner, but the asking price is too high. Don't you know a broker who will only charge a commission if I was able to actually buy the domain name through the broker? So I would use a service which works like this:
I name the domain name I want to purchase, then the broker would contact the domain name owner to start the negotiation on the broker's platform. And then the broker would only charge me a commission if I could reach an agreement with the owner and buy the domain name.


Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that you could use GoDaddy's Domain Buy Service, where if you don't get the domain, you only lose out on the initial fee.

Here's the description of what that is from their website(from using one of my domains that I have not listed on there yet):

When you purchase our Domain Broker Service, you get a dedicated broker who will contact the current domain owner and negotiate a sale price on your behalf. If the seller agrees to sell the domain, you pay the negotiated sale price plus a 20% commission, and we will securely transfer the domain to you.


I wouldn't use GoDaddy. Too expensive and no guarantees. Try Its cheaper and they give the owner money for replying. Much cheaper. There is a panel and you and the owner would converse if he replies.

Stealth or private acquisitions are hard but some people who are tenacious and have some contacts do it successfully. If its a domainer who owns it harder than a regular Joe.


Usually I try not to buy, but to register new one, I search short and popular domain names at foreign languages of counries with big populations, written by latin letters, such as "money", "goods", etc.