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Renewed Domains!

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Does the domain really include "www"?

Come on, infinity! SindoNews.com is better


You can turn on domain auto-renewal so you don't accidentally forget to renew your domain name. That option is available with most registrars. It works simply - when the registration time comes, there should be enough funds on the balance to renew the domain, in which case they will be debited automatically and the domain will be renewed for the next period. In this case, the situation when the domain was forgotten to be renewed is not terrible.

Domain renewal is more expensive than registration
Many registrars practice a customer acquisition scheme whereby they give you the opportunity to register a domain at a reduced price, but later it turns out that you will have to renew the domain name at a higher price. Domain renewal is more expensive than registration - this is such a marketing ploy, so before registering a domain, you need to pay attention to the cost of domain renewal. But this does not guarantee that the price will not be increased later.

Sometimes the question arises, where can I renew a domain name? Since the domain is registered with a domain registrar, it is also worth renewing it there. But you can transfer the domain to another registrar, this is possible if the domain was registered with real data.

Let's briefly summarize:

you can buy or renew a domain name for several years in advance if it is registered in the international zone;
you can renew the domain in advance, such an operation is available at the registrar;
if you do not renew the domain name on time, it will be released;
it is possible and recommended to enable auto-renewal of the domain name, in which case the risk of losing the domain will decrease.