A sharp domains price rising. Is it possible?

Started by Zora2012, Jul 11, 2022, 05:40 AM

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Due to the crisis, investments in stocks are flying off, bitcoin has collapsed, investment opportunities have narrowed very much.
I think there is a chance that China will again disperse prices for some domain zones. Who do you think?


With a general decline in business activity (collapse of major indices), smart people will not invest in "digital candy wrappers", but in the real sector - agriculture, heavy and light industry, electronics.

The fate of domain investors is unenviable - carriages will turn into pumpkins very soon.


The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) has drafted a petition to the US government asking government agencies to intervene in the activities of VeriSign, the administrator of the largest domain zone .COM. ICA intends to stop the rise in prices for domain names in the zone .COM.

You can read the petition and support the initiative here. At the moment, more than 5,200 people have left their signatures under it.
As you know, earlier prices for domain names in the zone .COM was regulated by the US Department of Commerce when ICANN was working under contract with it. The price increase for domains was insignificant, and the price change could not occur before the date of the next contract with the Ministry of Commerce.

When ICANN became an organization independent of the US government, VeriSign was able to increase the prices of domains at its discretion.
It is limited only by VeriSign's contract with the National Information and Communications Administration (NTIA), which expires in November that year. As a government organization, it can insist on an extension, but there is no information about whether it is going to do this, or all agreements will be terminated. ICA asks to extend the contract, as VeriSign has already expressed its intention to raise prices by 7%.

The petition notes that VeriSign receives huge revenues: from each registered or extended domain in the zone.COM it gets $7.82 net profit. And an increase in the cost of registration by even one dollar would bring VeriSign $147 million a year.