Can a geo domain be taken away?

Started by maddy58, Aug 30, 2022, 01:06 AM

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maddy58Topic starter

There are free domain names for small settlements. If I make a forum on it, can the administration of the settlement take it? Or it makes no sense at all to take a domain for a small settlement, since no one will come in.


It doesn't really make sense for a web forum.
Usually they take for the municipality (administration) or for some large enterprise located on the territory of the municipality.

Administrations often do not care which domain name. Will take some bullshit for reg. fee if you have taken the domain before. And an enterprise often uses brands that are not related to its location in any way, so it may not need this domain either.

I had a case when one popular newspaper wanted to take away my domain name as the name of their newspaper. What they did not threaten and could not do anything. You can safely blame yourself, then, if anything, put up a price tag and sell it to the same administration.