10 years maximum domain name renewal

Started by spinneren, Oct 13, 2022, 09:12 AM

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Hi forum members,
I currently have a domain name that has been extended until January 18, 2032. I would like to transfer it to another registrar, but I am not sure that I will lose an extra year in doing so exchange.
Am I correct in assuming that the domain name is usually renewed until January 18, 2033 after the transfer? It's already 2022, so the total time of domain name ownership will be less than 10 years? Thank you.


Minimum registration period: 1 year.
Maximum registration period: from 1 year to 10 years.
Renewal period: is 30 days* after the expiration of the domain registration period. At this time, domain name renewal will cost the customer/owner at the usual cost.
*may vary depending on the domain zone.

Recovery period: if the owner did not take advantage of the opportunity to renew the domain name registration in a timely manner, the domain name is resold (can be auctioned by the Domain Zone Administrator) or falls into the status of Redemption Period (recovery period) – this is the time when the domain can still be restored, but the recovery price differs from the registration / renewal price by 5-10 times.
The recovery price is set by the administrator of each domain zone individually.

Deletion period: If the domain has not been renewed/restored, the domain is deleted from the registry. On the day of deletion, the domain acquires the status of Pending Delete, the period of which lasts about 5 days. Domain name restoration is not possible during this period.
If the domain is not renewed, then as a result it will go through the removal procedure and will again go on free sale.