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Started by JSImediaJS123, Jul 12, 2022, 11:24 AM

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A month ago, we received a request through a broker and provided the price to the buyer. However, the buyer was not satisfied with the price and acted rudely towards the broker, resulting in their email being marked as unsubscribed.

Even though the status remains "Negotiation, broker sent msg," I intervened and communicated with the buyer, and we reached a compromise, and now they are interested in purchasing the domain. You are unsure if you should proceed with the transaction yourself or involve the broker.


The broker typically receives a commission for selling a domain, which includes negotiating with the buyer and finalizing the deal according to the seller's terms. In this particular case, the broker did not successfully close the deal, which means they did not earn a commission.
 If the buyer contacts you through the whois, would you also have to pay a commission for parking the domain?


I transferred all my domains from Sedo to DomainNameSales for various reasons.
Firstly, DomainNameSales has a better monetization system than Sedo, at least in my case. Secondly, DomainNameSales provides more attractive parked pages, especially ones that offer information about the domain sale. Thirdly, brokers are available to assist with selling or pricing the domain name.

 Fourthly, I noticed that the platform was created by Shilling, which made me believe that it must be reliable since it was designed for his loved one. Fifthly, unlike Sedo where buyer information is unclear, DNS displays all possible data on buyers. Sixth, DNS offers lower commission fees if sellers choose to sell themselves, ranging from 3% to 12.5% if brokers sell domains.

There are many other reasons why I transferred domains, but these are the main ones. I joined in October 2012 when they first opened to the public. Finally, DNS accepts both hyphens and premium domain names, but no TM domains are allowed.