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Started by AmarInfotech, Jul 06, 2022, 12:21 PM

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Has anyone used eBay to sell GTLD?
What are the pitfalls, commissions, etc.?


I didn't sell anything at all on eBay, but I know that they can easily put funds on hold, and the buyer can also open a dispute on eBay or PayPal.
In addition, funds can also be held on PayPal, because on eBay you can only pay through PP.
And since you can only pay through the PP, the buyer can open a dispute on the PP.

In my opinion, a purely subjective opinion, it is better not to sell domains through eBay. If we sell, then to such a buyer who has a very good rating.

Otherwise, the buyer will open a dispute on eBay or PP, for example, he didn't like the domain, doesn't match the description, or didn't receive the domain, but as we know, the domain can be transferred for a week. The dispute can last at least 30 days. During this time, the domain will get to the buyer a long time ago. And then prove that the buyer received the domain. And this is a digital product, it may not fall under the protection of sellers on eBay and PP.

In general, before selling, buying something on eBay or / and through the PP, I would study the rules and agreements 10 times. And every step would be screened or photographed, so that there was something to prove that I was right.

There are commissions on both eBay and PP, but I won't say exactly which ones, all this should be read on the sites of eBay and PP.


one of the best auction web sites for selling domains, or practically anything, is eBay.
Domains can be bought quite cheaply through some web sites, namely Stargate for $13.95 or Godaddy for $8.95.
They can then be sold on eBay for a minimum of $30-40, but if you sell to the right person, the names can go much more expensive on the right day. It may seem doubtful, but if the domain name is sold correctly, the chances of a big profit will be maximized.

How do domain auctions work?
If you think a domain auction sounds like it's worth a try, then your first step is to set up on eBay.

To sell something on eBay, registration is required. Registration is free, but there is a small fee for listing items for sale. The purchase is free and can start right now – and you don't have to pay on eBay just to sell.
In order to sell, at the time of writing this article, credit card details must be saved in an eBay file. Then they check the credit card (as a precaution against fraud), and also check the rights to the bank account that you, as a seller, have indicated. After the verification is completed, you can start listing the items for sale.

 Do your homework
After successful registration, do a little research to find out where the domain names should be put up for sale. eBay has dozens of categories, and one of them, of course, is a directory of domains: .com – lists of domains , and the other is the section "Selling business" – > "Sites" (if the domain name being sold points to the developed web  site): Selling business – -> Websites .
Now, before listing any items, remember that eBay charges a percentage fee for listing items.

Cody Babcock

eBay is good as a platform for physical goods, but domains.....domain names are not the best commodity. In terms of protection, it would seem that everything is fine. The seller exposes the lot, and the buyer pays. Naturally, the money does not come immediately, but is frozen for 30 days (in some cases, 60 days). If we are talking about domains, then we need to give buyers full access right away. In fact, it turns out how. You are a seller, you give all the access keys, but you get nothing in return. If a person confirms after 3-5 days that he is satisfied with everything, then he agrees to ratify the purchase - that is, you will receive funds within 30 days. However! He can send a complaint during these 30 days, and you will be frozen and suspended from the account. Of course, I'm exaggerating a little, but in fact it works this way in eBay. It is better to use the services of one of the well-known platforms for buying and selling domains (15-20% commission is not such a big fee).