Fraud or real deal?

Started by john515, Jul 18, 2022, 11:20 PM

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john515Topic starter


I decided to sell several of my domains, posted them to sedo, dynadot, etc.

and the other day I receive a letter from some broker that some businessman is ready to buy two my domains at a price of up to $ 15,000 each, but I need to pay for certification that the domains do not contain trademarks in names.

certification at

here are my little thoughts - is it a Scam, is it for the certification money?

which are your opinions?


I recently received a similar email from brokers.
Having nothing to do, I decided to talk, see how they will breed me for a paid assessment, etc.

Communicated with them almost obscenely. In short, only when it came to escrow I realized that these were real buyers. They bought a domain, didn't ask for a paid assessment.


Firstly, you should be attentive to the worlds they say. Try to ask for the details of the deal.
Secondly, you can check out in some national registers if there are such ones.
And finally, get luck in domain trading  :)

Samuel Bawerman

Your scenario (I mean the customer) is a clear scam. Of course, certification is a useful thing, especially for people who are engaged in really serious business. In my experience, communicating with such clients, I always try to find a compromise, for example, with one client I agreed on certification at a site that I trust and has a long history. If the client goes to the refusal, then we disagree - and it doesn't matter what amount he offers.
I also want to warn you - often "buyers" send you to fake services-devices that work for these customers. Before agreeing to certification, it is not known who, check the site for honesty - for example, look at its history of creation, read reviews from various sources, and so on.


More like spam or a scam. In any case, do not give away the domain to anyone until you receive the money.