If you had a $100k budget to acquire a domain, what's your first offer?

Started by Индиго2, Jun 23, 2022, 07:31 AM

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If you have a domain name listed as Make Offer that you want to acquire, for which you have an allocated and approved budget of $100,000 and another $100,000 which can be tapped into, after discussing with the team,
which you absolutely have to acquire as the CMO of your organization, how much would you offer as your first offer to the seller and why?

I would start with $5,000 because too low and the buyer won't take it seriously and too high and the buyer would ask for a much higher price.


Far too many variables involved, for such a thing...it absolutely depends

If given such a budget to acquire a domain that we "absolutely have to acquire" as you said, I'm not going to beat around bush, under such circumstances.
I'd attempt to ask for a ball park figure, to give me some rope so I can get a feel for what the seller wants, and probably give him it if within budget, considering the importance...representing an organisation that has $100k spare, with an extra $100k if need be...that's quite something.
What is the domain anyway? Assuming its nothing crazy premium. The example given sounds serious, so in summary...I wouldn't screw around much. IMO
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First I would try to contact the owner. If I don't have his contact info, I would make a good first offer like $10,000 so I get a response from the owner.
Once I get a response, I would then keep low balling $15k, $17k...and also look for a similar names and sold names at namebio and talk about them with him.

Then I would tell him my final last offer is $50k and let me know ASAP so I can go ahead with plan B and buy this other domain for $40k. I would mention the similar name that's for $40k so he knows I might go away and not buy his.
Then most likely he will come back and say he will take $60k. I will tell him to meet in the middle $55k. He will say okay deal.


I if the domain seller didn't set a lower bar, I would first offer a couple of thousand dollars.
If there is a lower bar (for example, 100 thousand dollars), I would first offer 25 thousand. Well, then further bargaining.