Is it worth buying premium domains in the .COM zone?

Started by Sweet Emily, Sep 09, 2022, 12:32 AM

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Sweet EmilyTopic starter

Is it worth buying premium domains in the .COM zone, three-letter or semantic domains up to 5 letters?
Has the domain industry exhausted itself?
what are the risks after the purchase..? How much does a good domain name in the specified range cost now?
And where is it really cheaper to buy such domain names, or does it make no difference and you can go at least to sedo?

I'm not a beginner, I still have a dozen domain names in my portfolio, for 10 years.
But he deliberately left the industry as such 6 years ago.
I heard that mobile applications from a technical point of view as such may disappear and they will be replaced by full-fledged websites sharpened for smartphones with much more functionality than applications (I don't remember what the technology is called), so I decided to find out how things are now with com domain names in principle, since this is potentially a new round of development for domains.


From the point of view of investment, it is not worth it for a beginner.
Now the market is stagnating, perhaps new areas of domain name use will open up or institutional changes will occur (for instance, a domain can be owned as property).
So far, such changes are not expected in the near future, and the quantitative growth of zones (the number of domain names in the zone) weakly correlates with the cost of domains on the secondary (for instance, the .com zone). Now it is impossible to earn decent money in domains without risk. Therefore, the amounts and margin that seem large are more than compensated by the notorious risks.
Those who have been successfully working with domain names for a long time know about them and how they can put them into their models, it is not realistic for beginners to do that.


I agree with the previous comment - there is nothing for beginners to do here. Even the "old-timers" of the domain industry remain "afloat" in some months only due to the fact that they already have a decent base of names for sale in stock. And the price volatility of domain names is constantly growing. Prices, even rare names in this area, have a very wide range - depending on the seller from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. It depends on what you mean by a good name. If your project falls into a narrow niche of little-used ones, then you are in luck, such names can often be taken inexpensively.