Is the authority of the old domain transferred to the new one?

Started by techtrendsit, Dec 05, 2022, 01:12 AM

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techtrendsitTopic starter

Now there will be a little background.
We bought a dropped domain name, which was on free sale for four years. And they put a web site on it, they did everything well. But the positions are rooted to the spot, there is no dynamics during the year.
On the forums, they read that the previous owner could have sinned and this was passed on to the new owners. At the moment, the site is not under sanctions or filters. But, we decided to move to a new domain and use a 301 redirect.
And the question is, will bad authority be transferred to a new domain when moving?


Theoretically, yes. Perhaps many users under this domain name will remember the old site, or the domain may hang in some database.

I had a domain under the google panda filter (very bad content karma)---and did not give traffic. I took a new domain to solve the problem with Google--it worked, nothing bad was transmitted from the old domain to the new one by 301. Traffic appeared from Google.


301 redirects of the pages of the old domain to the pages of the new one are quite enough, all the authorities will be transferred to the new one, and over time the information in the sickle will be updated.
Checked on 2 sites.