Has anyone had success using Biix?

Started by TDSko, Jun 21, 2022, 01:43 AM

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TDSkoTopic starter

Searching DNray, I see only two postings where individuals mention sales using Biix.
Biix is a more recently created aftermarket, with an exciting low commission. The seller pays 2%, and the buyer pays the Escrow.com fees for the transaction. They appear to also offer "lease-to-own."

Has anyone else had success using this domain marketplace? And, if so, did they use the straight sale or "lease-to-own?"


This is a new brand that is completely different from other websites.
I posted about a dozen domains for sale there. Already sold a couple. biix gives you the ability to sell domains on a site you can trust. There is a small commission, less than 10 percent. The buyer pays for the transaction through escrow.