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Started by JimyChen, Dec 07, 2022, 04:21 AM

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JimyChenTopic starter

A year ago I made a simple web site for work. Now I have received a letter about domain renewal.

In addition to the domain name, there is a button to extend the Premium DNS. I see it costs $10. I thought, and if I don't extend it, how will it affect the site?
My attendance is small and I don't plan to increase it yet. I Googled and didn't understand a damn thing, it will be possible to live without Premium DNS. Tell me, please, if anyone knows.


"Premium DNS" is the name of your hoster's service. What he called this phrase - only he knows. So to begin with, it would be nice to hear a quote from his website what exactly is included in this service.
If there are records in addition to the standard ones, then when the service is turned off, they will fall off.

Premium DNS allows you to edit DNS records.


Premium DNS is a paid service, it can only affect the search results in theory.
Regular DNS - should work as before.