Problems getting money for a domain from Sedo

Started by nick_sinigamy, Jul 05, 2022, 04:13 AM

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nick_sinigamyTopic starter

Colleagues, such a problem:
 I sold a domain at Sedo, for $6,000.
Indicated that the withdrawal should be on paypal. After some time, they wrote to me: "...our accounting team have followed up and received confirmation that the payment which was sent to you at <...> was denied". As I understand that the point is in the limits that paypal has set for individuals.
There cannot be more than $10k on the balance. Is there really no way now to get money to PayPal from sedo?


Yes, it's about the paypal limits, take it to your bank account directly.

Megan Brown

A cool service for selling domain names of "own composition". Domain prices here are just sweet - from $ 70 per domain.
After the domain name is put up for sale and the rights to it are confirmed, an auction is held. And then the most interesting thing begins) If the domain is "running", there are a lot of people who want to.
Accordingly, the price may increase several times. It's really cool. Of course, the service takes a percentage of the sale, but it is not sky-high, you can live. generally, Sedo is  great service for those who like to be creative) I recommend it!