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Started by Stranger, Sep 08, 2022, 01:07 PM

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Guys, tell me, who are using which services for interception of free domains, what is the approximate price of interception of domains with ICS 30-50?
What kind of difficulties may arise?


I recommend using one of the sites, and (or better all three).
Their scheme is simple - you specify what domain you want, if they are able to intercept it (through links with registrars or other automated methods), then you pay a certain amount of money ($ 60-$ 100) for their services.
If you and someone else wants to intercept a domain, then between you arranged an auction.


To add. is one of the largest domain name registrars in the world and also has backorder domains.

Also, as a small reminder:

What does the value of a used domain depend on?

1. Length and memorability.
The shorter the domain, the easier it is to remember and therefore the more expensive it is.

2. Age of the domain
The earlier it was registered, the more expensive it is.

3. history
Not always the age will be important, because if the domain was registered 10 years ago, and during this time, changed several times the content or subject of the site, or whether it was in the ban search engines (because of unfair promotion, etc.), this aspect will greatly reduce the cost.

4. theme
This parameter has a little influence on the price, because a person who wants to create a site about food, will initially choose domains, the names of which meets this topic.

5. PR and TIC
Of course, these figures are important to assess the value of the domain. Especially in cases where the buyer has a goal to sell links from the purchased site. As a result, the higher these indicators, the more expensive the domain.

6. Presence in directories DMOZ and others.
Today, these indicators are not as significant as they were before and have an average influence on the price. If the site is in these directories, it is likely to indicate a good history of the domain (no bans and penalties from search engines).

7. Domain zone
Domain zone has a different effect on price, and it depends on the situation. Here's an example: is a priori more expensive than, because the first covers the audience of the country, and the second - only cities. But if there is a company, which in desperate need of such a domain is to work in New York, it will pay a lot of money for it.

8. Hyphens and numbers.
The presence of hyphens or numbers in the name can reduce the price of the domain.

9. Similar zones
If an identical domain name is already being used in other zones this may increase the price. For example, between the domains and, the potential buyer is more likely to pay attention to the second one.


Here's another, courtesy of Siberia. :)


Basically, there are Russian domains and CIS domains. But, especially in the latter, there are also .com and .net and other territories.