The decline in the sale of domain names!

Started by ggroni743, Jul 11, 2022, 03:26 PM

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ggroni743Topic starter

My friends informed me that domain sales witnessed a considerable decrease in 2022, as Rick Schwartz also tweeted. Based on his evaluations, over a hundred domains valued at more than $100,000 were sold in 2021, which is equivalent to 9-10 domains sold each month.
 However, in 2022, only five domains priced in this category are sold monthly.

Colin Clark

Certainly, it is true that the cost of domains has reduced, but this does not indicate a reduction in the demand for them. Considering the 2022 statistics, particularly against the backdrop of widespread problems, it becomes evident that the demand remains the same, yet fewer individuals are willing to pay a large sum for a domain.

The reason behind this is that every six months, a new registrar emerges, incorporating a new zone, and inevitably occupying gaps in domain names, which ultimately results in the devaluation of other market participants. As per my understanding, domain prices will continue to decline as long as there is an interest among new "players" in the name registrar market.


In the past year, numerous domain name zones gained popularity solely due to their novelty. This led to the registration of domains at high rates, and consequently, the domain names acquired substantial market value. However, in 2022, these new domain name zones lost their novelty factor and were no longer perceived as unique.
Each new gTLD became just one of multiple top-level domain names.

One of the reasons behind this decline is that some owners of prominent new gTLDs pursued a wrong strategy aimed at generating short-term profits in the initial years. To maintain success in 2022, they must modify their approach significantly when it comes to developing domain zones. The question remains whether they will be able to manage this successfully.