Domain prefix reduce value?

Started by PrimoPierotz, Sep 17, 2022, 12:28 AM

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Does that have any negative impact on price or SEO?


According to experts SIDN (administrator of the national domain of the Netherlands .NL), the length of the domain name does not affect its value as much as before, and you should not refuse to register long domains just because of the number of characters.

Domains with a large number of characters are now becoming more widespread.
This is also facilitated by the launch of the New gTLD: even top-level domain names are now far from consisting of only two or three characters. Domain zone names use whole words, and users perceive such zones better than abbreviations. For instance, domain name zones .amsterdam and .hamburg are more popular than the Barcelona domain .bcn. Only New York with a domain .nyc is developing successfully, but that is an exception: the abbreviation NYC has been used all over the world for a long time.

Why is that happening?
The fact is that the length of the domain name was of great importance earlier, when users entered domains on the keyboard. Now the situation has changed. According to surveys, when PCs remained the main means of accessing the network, 65% entered domain names manually to get to the right web site. When smartphones became publicly available, only 35% of users printed domains.
Also, 94% of the survey participants reported that when evaluating the result of queries in search engines, they take into account the domain and in which zone it is placed.

From that it follows that reading the domain is now more important than writing. The domain name should first of all be understandable, not short. For instance, is better than wml.ams, although the latter is much shorter.
But do not exaggerate: it cannot be said that length has ceased to matter at all. A domain that does not fit on a smartphone screen is not the best choice.