The decline in the sale of domains!

Started by ggroni743, Jul 11, 2022, 03:26 PM

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ggroni743Topic starter

I heard from friends that the sale of domains dropped significantly in 2022, Rick Schwartz also said this on Twitter. According to his calculations, more than a hundred domains worth more than $100,000 were sold in 2021. This is 9-10 domains per month. Whereas in 2022, only about five domains of this price category are sold per month.

Colin Clark

Of course, the fact that the price tag for domains has fallen is true, but this does not mean that the demand for domains has fallen. If you look at the statistics for 2022, especially taking into account global problems, it becomes clear that the demand itself has not gone away, but there are significantly fewer people who want to pay a tidy price for a domain. The fact is that every six months a new registrar appears, which adds a new zone, and this fills in the holes in domain names, which devalues other market participants.
As far as I'm concerned, domain prices will continue to drop as long as there are new "players" in the name registrar market will be appeal.


Last years many new domain name zones were promoted precisely due to the novelty factor.
That allowed them to demonstrate high domain registration rates, and domain names, as a result, acquired a high market value. But in 2022, new domain name zones gradually ceased to be perceived as new. Each newbielink: [nonactive] has become not "new and unique", but just one of hundreds of top-level domain names.

In many ways, the reason for the decline is that the owners of a number of large new gTLDs have chosen the wrong strategy aimed at making short-term profits in the first few years. In 2022, if they want to remain successful, they must radically change their approach to the development of domain zones. Will they cope with this task?