Want to take the domain from Intel

Started by Beaker, Sep 03, 2022, 12:51 AM

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BeakerTopic starter

Good day!
I have such a situation.
There is a trademark.
And there are domain names in possession in different domain zones and levels.
But I can't register a domain name in .com.
Since it is already occupied by another user, or rather Intel
The name of the domain is 100% the same as the domain name that is occupied!
Do I have a chance to get it for my own use?

the domain is at Intel's disposal.
-It was created in 2002.
-Extended until 2024.
-The domain is not used.
-From the moment when they rushed to occupy domain names, the desired domain name was already occupied and not used!
Whether it has ever been used, I have no idea.


Well, if I see that you own a domain (let's say BBBB.COM) which you have owned since 1985 but you don't use it.
I like the name. Such a name costs, for instance, $600,000
I don't want to buy it. I want it for free. I register a trademark and take a lot of domains in various cheap zones. It costs me a couple thousand.
Do you think after that I have the opportunity to take away from you a domain name worth half a million?