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Started by maxi007, Nov 27, 2022, 09:42 AM

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Last year, one of our regular customers contacted our company. He had a difficult situation with the site (which, by the way, we also did). The site had two domains, one type , and the second one without a dash

The first domain was registered to a company whose management was lost. However, there was access to the LC on the registrar's website.
This domain name with a dash was the main domain of the site, and the second one was just registered and not even linked.

I proposed a logical solution - to glue (mirror) the domains, assigning the main domain to the one that was under our control, that is, the domain without a dash. In this case, we transferred the search weight of an uncontrolled domain to ours and could not worry about the further consequences of using a domain that did not legally belong to us.
In response, the customer agreed to the gluing, but for some reason wrote: "Let it be the main one for now ". The other day, this "so far" has ended - the registrar has reset the domain.

And today I received such a letter from the customer:

    In due time, in order to avoid losing the site if there are problems with the site owned even then by a non-working one of our companies, you offered to make a gluing with a domain belonging to us , i.e. the same, but without a hyphen.

    The problem appeared a few days ago, the domain was deactivated [...] the result is a lost site with indexing, lost new customers who will see the text instead of the site that the domain no longer exists, the loss of the remaining business reputation.

    What do you say to that? Is there any way out of the situation?

    So far we have a copy of the site on a new site without a hyphen, with zero indexing, and a changed one email address in contacts.

After reviewing the archive of correspondence, I took a screenshot of my letter from last year:

    It is logical if with a controversial situation may arise, then it makes sense to do the main domain

    Then in case of loss search engines won't pay much attention to this.

And a screenshot of his response:

    Let it be the main one for now

By adding below:
What happened is a consequence of your wrong decision, which you were warned about by me in advance.
For if you are throwing a rake around yourself, you should not shift the responsibility for the subsequent bumps to those who tried to exhort you.


People are not professionals and may be mistaken, and you, as a performer, within the scope of your expertise, must be competent. Although the degree of "persuasion" may be different.
And if, in fact, the post, I will most likely guess the registrar of the domain name.

In the last few months, they have massively checked the validity of registration of legal entities - owners of domain names.
And if there were cases that the LLC had already stopped registering, the domain was safely separated, even by the end of the paid period... And the drum roll - they put these domain names on THEIR store at a price of $100.


There were such cases.
One of the cases was: a website was made, the domain was bought by the client himself, the site was hosted by me, they paid for hosting once a quarter, plus there was access to the cloudflare account.

The web site had more of an "image" component, they say, competitors have it, we also need it, but as subsequent observations showed, it was not used in any way, it was just there. Three years later, they suddenly found out that the site was not working, began to check, and the domain had been partitioned for a long time.
It turned out that the client initially registered the domain for a year, and was very surprised that it also needed to be extended, and they suddenly overslept customers who were supplied directly with products, and decided to try themselves in online sales, and they just had a website, why not make a store out of it.

And the accusations began, they say, how incompetent you are, we paid you for 4 years and blablabla. In general, we raised the contract, where it was clearly described that we are developing a website and in the second, we provide hosting services, we have nothing to do with the domain.
Fortunately, with grief in half, they understood us.

As a result, they bought the domain name from some outbidder for the price of x10 of the original cost of registration for 10 years, and we filed the store with them. It's been a little more than 3 years since this situation, we still work from time to time.


If you have several domains about one company, then you need to configure their work correctly. The rules are simple (from personal experience).

If twin domains are linked to sites with different content, then they will be perceived by search engines as different sites. There will be no problems with indexing or promotion to the top. Difficulties are possible only if the same contact phone numbers and physical address are indicated on different sites, and one of the competitors complains to "Google" - this is a collective name for the Google service that communicates with site administrators.

Domains hosting sites with the same content will "stick together", some of them may be downgraded in the search results. It may happen by chance that search engines pessimize the main domain name, so you need to set everything up right away.
If there are several domains for which the same site should be displayed, then you need to make one site on the main domain, and redirect from the rest.
If you follow these rules, the presence of several domains will help protect the company from competitors and avoid the flow of traffic to cybersquatters.