What You Need to Know to Become a Great Domain Name Seller

Started by Xavier Campbell, Jul 25, 2022, 03:15 AM

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Xavier CampbellTopic starter

Every Internet entrepreneur who is engaged in and sold 2 domain names considers himself, if not a great, then already an experienced seller. But is it? Look at my list and answer if a person can be called a great domain name seller if he sticks to this list.

1) He thinks about the long term - ideally 10 years ahead.
2) It has enough endurance to hold a whole pool of names.
3) He works on his knowledge as an entrepreneur.
4) He gets rid of illiquid names every 2 years.
5) He carefully studies the market in which he works.
5) He knows what price he can ask for a particular domain name.
6) He confidently negotiates with both the seller and the buyer.
7) He is improving his branding and online influence.
8 He perceives each purchase as a 5-10-year investment.