What You Need to Know to Become a Great Domain Name Seller

Started by Xavier Campbell, Jul 25, 2022, 03:15 AM

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Xavier CampbellTopic starter

Every Internet entrepreneur who is engaged in and sold 2 domain names considers himself, if not a great, then already an experienced seller. But is it? Look at my list and answer if a person can be called a great domain name seller if he sticks to this list.

1) He thinks about the long term - ideally 10 years ahead.
2) It has enough endurance to hold a whole pool of names.
3) He works on his knowledge as an entrepreneur.
4) He gets rid of illiquid names every 2 years.
5) He carefully studies the market in which he works.
5) He knows what price he can ask for a particular domain name.
6) He confidently negotiates with both the seller and the buyer.
7) He is improving his branding and online influence.
8 He perceives each purchase as a 5-10-year investment.


It should be noted that the percentage of completed transactions from the available domains of a professional investor is usually small. The average domainer has a portfolio of 1-5 thousand domains, of which 1 to 5% are sold per year, depending on the sales strategy used.

November and December are good months to buy on the secondary market, because at this time professionals are relieved of part of their portfolio. The wholesale cost of domain renewal is not significant, but since we are talking about thousands here, any domainer is forced to periodically optimize his portfolio, refusing to renew domains that, in his opinion, "will not work".

In general , the popular domains on the secondary market can be divided into several categories:

Popular words, names of markets and services are the most important direction, which accounts for the lion's share of sales
Any short domains. An example with many Internet projects - from social networks to media projects – shows that a short domain name is still important for business.
Last names. Unlike domains using registered and well-known trademarks, they cannot be obtained by court.
Erroneous spellings of popular sites. Many of these domains have affiliate programs for the sale of services similar in content.
Separately, we can single out domains that are purposefully registered with the mention of trademarks for subsequent resale to brand owners.
Significant judicial practice has already accumulated on them, according to which the court sides with the copyright holder. It is worth emphasizing that we are talking not only about the exact coincidence with the name of the registered brand, but also about those cases that are described as "confusingly similar".

To earn on domains absolutely without investments will not work. We need start-up capital. But you can start with a small amount. On average, domain registration costs $10. Agree, you can try.

What are the types of earnings?

Domaining - domain registration with subsequent resale. Cybersquatting is domain registration for a specific brand with subsequent resale. Learn more about these two methods – .
Reseller - mediation between the seller and the customer. In this case, you can start without investments and earn on the difference by becoming a partner for a domain registrar. A great option for those who have their own customer base.
Domain parking is the redirection of visitors who came by domain to another website or page.