Sharing Domain or Website in Divorce?

Started by kpripper, Aug 24, 2022, 10:06 AM

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there is a site together with my friend, the site is designed for me and its café brings us profit) my wife is aware of everything and we are getting divorced, will she require me to share sites or domain names?


When sharing a domain, it remains with the one to whose email it is registered - until a court decision.
Also with the website. Do not worry about the domain name and the site no one will take away from you, since most likely it will not be one of the tasks of prime necessity. easier to squeeze out movables and real estate. At the very least, make a new website for business, and just give this one, along with the domain, to your ex, so that she can go through parting more calmly.


I think it's not that simple there.
The business that is somehow connected with this domain will be shared.
And the division of business is always a huge hemorrhoid if the parties cannot agree.

So, the division of the domain name is from the same opera as the division of Mercedes, which seems to work in the office, but belongs to some friend of a friend or the division of some partners or the like.
You will have to come to an agreement, otherwise the other side will start putting all sorts of sticks in your wheels, knocking at different instances and your business will simply shut down sooner or later.

Make sure that you have all the rights to the content (especially the pictures), so that the income is official and only for a legal entity or sole proprietor. You can get to any income for a physicist (except under an employment contract).

Talk to a lawyer. Prepare for the fact that you will be blackmailed. Get ready to negotiate. If the wife is just greedy, this is half the trouble.
The argument "dear, if you knock that I am illegally engaged in entrepreneurship, then you still won't get anything because illegal income is not shared in any case" will take a ride. It's worse if she just wants to do something nasty to you.
Maybe it will turn out that it will be easier for you to close web site than to go to the instances every month and explain how you earn.