When you buy a domain name, do you know if you would sell it?

Started by Austin, Jun 25, 2022, 03:51 AM

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When you buy a domain name, do you know if you would sell it?

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Not at all
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I know I will sell 1 or 2 in xx names
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When you acquire a domain name, are you ever so sure that you would end up selling it for a profit?

I sometimes do but not most of the time. It could also be that I acquire low to medium-quality non-liquid names. But some of the domainers have developed what I would call 'domaining sense' and they know what they are getting into. It is only a matter of time and they know that the name would sell easily!

Unfortunately, that is not the case with me and I still struggle. I think there is a long learning curve in developing such a sense.
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If you're experienced, you'll know what will likely gets offers, and what won't...its a matter of time (and price).
So yes, you should have a pretty good idea, if the odds are in your favour / what you have holds the desirability factor. The same applies to buying a domain for a sector that you're passionate about...you'd know beforehand (often) whether you're considering development, or an outright sale.
More often than not, I wouldn't be so sure such a question enters the head, of a diligent investor. IMO
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if a specific name will sell or not in my lifetime is irrelevant.

If you are operating at 1% or even 2% of str, it should be irrelevant to you too.

At 1% sell through, it would take over 50 years to sell your names (if you are not adding new names and not liquidating) with some small residual number still left.

And since my portfolio is ever-growing I don't even expect that big majority of my names will sell in my lifetime. Again, all I need is that it sells at near 1% of the portfolio annually.
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I believe you can't be confident that your domain will be sold soon or in certain time !
Sometimes you get unexpected sale for a low or medium quality domains , and the other higher quality domains parked and waiting forever .


I've been using a couple of domains as speculation for a while. There was a bear market for bitcoin, there were fewer search queries in search engines, I bought free ones, then they flew away in the bull market for decent money))


It depends on many reasons, sometimes I try to catch expired domain ot the domain with short name expecially for selling. Good idea is to buy domain for selling with name of some international company.


I don't know for sure. But if I didn't plan to get 10 times more for it, I probably wouldn't buy it.
Here's how lucky.