Why people bid for some meaningless domains like crazy?

Started by Janvi, Jun 29, 2022, 12:46 PM

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JanviTopic starter

I try to observe which domains get the most bids and prices in godaddy auctions and wonder why some meaningless domains like k22 or a set of numbers like 6446 (left the TLDs) get higher bids and prices.

Who is going to buy these and for what reason? Any clue?




Perhaps, and this is my conspiracy theory, but some numbers (or maybe all) can coincide with some significant things. For example: 11-11-11, 23 (fatal number), 3000 (miles to Graceland), 30 (days of the night), 13, 1408, 127 (hours), etc. These are all the names of famous films, but there are any fairly well-known things that are recognizable only by numbers.
That's my "conspiracy" theory. 8)


the main advantages of buying a meaningless, but old domain:

Accumulated reference mass.
Choosing a name that is most suitable for the field of activity. For example, your company is called "Pizza". With a 100% probability, the pizza domain is occupied, but in theory you can buy it back or pick up something similar.
Good indexing indicators.
Ready audience of site visitors.

The main disadvantages of this method of entering the business:

The more authoritative the domain name, the more money you will have to pay for it. Popular phrases in the domain will also cost you a decent amount.
Negative domain history. In order not to buy a pig in a poke, be sure to check the history of the old domain. To do this, use b2seo or any other similar service. Track the reputation of the domain in different periods of its existence.
A large number of scammers. Bad people on the Internet do not doze off and are constantly brewing on frauds with domain names. They use traffic fraud during the sale period, darken with the weight of the domain and promise fabulous income from the site when selling the domain with the website. In order not to become a victim of fraudsters, ask for access to site analytics, check traffic and other indicators yourself.
In order for the domain name to work normally in the future and bring traffic, it is mandatory to check the old domain for sanctions from the largest search networks. To do that, ask for access to the  Search Console. In the first case, we go to the "Site Diagnostics", in the second we check "Security problems and measures taken manually".