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Started by akeelow, Aug 16, 2022, 03:52 AM

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akeelowTopic starter

What secrets do you have? Surely, not only beginners, but also colleagues will be interested in some of the subtleties, secrets and nuances of domainer craftsmanship.

Well, for instance, like, take all free domain names in other zones and options with hyphens, so that a potential buyer, who, perhaps, has already been found by the time of registration / purchase of a domain, so that he simply does not take a free domain, but buys from you .. Well, understandable, I think.

Or, before selling the domain name, if there is a buyer and is trading, or even in advance, contact the owners of similar domains under the guise of a purchase and find out their price requests so that the buyer does not get off the hook and buy a domain name from them at a lower price - you , of course, you want to charge a price tag of a million, or even two.

So, do you have something to share, gentlemen of the domainers?

P.S. Sometimes you just had to stumble upon some name somewhere, and the idea of a domain name was born by itself - someone else's naming helps. As well as viewing sales sheets and top keys.
And more news, of course. Trends and new ideas.


What position are you taking in this thread?
- newbie?
- an experienced domain manager?
because it's not clear:
- Do you want to share your own secrets?
- ask to share secrets with you?
Now, there is a feeling that the topic was created for only one purpose - to teach local clumsy people how to properly sell multi-miloins dollar domains.