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Started by sabulba, Sep 04, 2022, 01:17 AM

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In that topic we publish all Dynadot promo codes.

In addition to a cool promo for the .TV extension(10 $ discount .TV subscription renewal*! Use the code: UPDATE MY TV)

They just sent it:
Domains for $ 2.99 .ME! Usage Code: MEMEME
The offer expires on 9/30/11 23:59 UTC


After an evening of communication with support, I decided not to use DynaDot anymore, even for storing the honor of domain names.
The support behaved extremely incorrectly, refused a standard request, and blocked me in the chat without any notification when asked to transfer it to the management, while they informed me that they would transfer it and wished me a good day.

They had never allowed themselves to do this before.
I wrote to soap support, received an answer with an excuse, replied that the letter was not for them, but for the management.

$7.95 .COM transfer at Dynadot
Promo code: TRANSFER2DD
Validity: 31st September 2022 0:00 UTC