Host blocks site on suspicion of hаcking

Started by clickinfra, Dec 07, 2022, 01:38 AM

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clickinfraTopic starter

The hosting service has been suspended.

Access to your hosting was not limited.
The work of the hosting web server can be restored only after the removal of malicious code from web site, otherwise malicious activity will continue.
Upon checking the files on your hosting and eliminating malicious code, please let us know additionally.

How do I find this code? I deleted the strange files from the hosting via ftp, but some appeared again! how do I find the code itself?


Find out when the site was infected approximately, then search by date from that moment you are looking for new and modified files.
Which cms could your site be written on right away. There are also utilities for finding and eliminating malicious code (ai-bolit, for example), you can use them.