How to buy domain at discount

Started by Selmash, Jul 10, 2022, 07:29 AM

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When purchasing a discounted domain, it's important to take note of the renewal cost since it may exceed the registration price, and we provide transparent information regarding this in every offer.
This may not be a concern for those who require a temporary domain, but for those with long-term projects, it's crucial to evaluate whether or not the annual fee is suitable for your budget.


Hello! First of all, thanks for the warning here.
I should say that it's really important topic, that's one of the most common marketing methods in the case of domain trading. Could you, please, tell me where such domains are published? And in what step of the buying transaction does a seller usually reveal the renewal price? Is it possible that they will keep it until the moment of the annual fee?


Most domain zones have a redemption period that begins after a 30-day delay in payment. During this period, the current domain owner can still restore ownership, although it will come at a much higher cost than usual.
After the 60-65 day delay period ends, the domain name will become available for anyone to register. It is therefore important to make payments on time and not forget to renew the domain. provides a 35% discount on hosting and virtual server orders. Use the promo code "fondy35" when ordering to receive an invoice with the discounted amount. This offer applies to all tariffs for any period upon the first payment.


you are correct in highlighting the importance of considering renewal costs when purchasing a discounted domain. It's crucial to have transparency and clear information about the renewal fees associated with the domain.
This allows individuals to make informed decisions based on their budget and the long-term requirements of their projects. While temporary domains may not require much consideration for renewal costs, those engaged in long-term projects should carefully evaluate the suitability of the annual fees within their budget.

Renewal costs vary depending on the domain registrar you use and the top-level domain (TLD) you have registered. Some registrars offer discounted prices for the first year but charge higher rates for subsequent renewals. It's important to review the registrar's pricing policy to ensure you understand the long-term costs associated with owning the domain.

In some cases, renewal costs can be significantly higher than the initial registration price. This is why it's crucial to consider the long-term budget implications if you are planning to use the domain for an extended period. It's recommended to factor in renewal costs when evaluating the overall cost-effectiveness of a domain purchase.

Many domain registrars provide clear information about renewal costs during the purchasing process or in their terms of service. They often highlight the renewal price along with the initial registration price, ensuring transparency for customers.

To avoid any surprises, it's advisable to set reminders for domain renewal deadlines and ensure that you renew your domain before it expires. Domain expiration can lead to potential complications, loss of control over the domain, and even the possibility of someone else registering it.

Overall, understanding domain renewal costs and taking them into account during the purchase decision is an essential aspect of managing your online presence effectively.