Where to transfer .pro and .net?

Started by redshrey, Jul 24, 2022, 03:29 AM

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redshreyTopic starter

Colleagues, please tell me where to transfer domains from zones .net and .pro with prorogation for the next year, where are the low prices or promotions now for these zones during the transfer?

Thank you.


Moved my .net domain to Namecheap.com yesterday - $11.16 including ICANN fee, no codes or coupons. Probably there will be cheaper.

In GoDaddy there are periodically discounts and promotions. See below:

Wiley Harding

I recently transferred 49 domain names at once from one registrar to another. allocated, requested codes, started the transfer.
the guys from the technical support in the ticket threw off the entire list of codes for the transfer. the process has started.

my DNS was strictly registered on all domains. I keep two: one in a rack with my web hosting servers, the second in another country on a minimum VPS. There was a case when the connection with the DC and my rack crashed, respectively. And then, no matter how cool the servers worked, the domain names also stopped responding.
Now I'm insured. It is clear that if the rack falls again, the sites will not work. but customers have a bunch of subdomains that link to other racks in other DC. At least so.
the process lasted almost TWO weeks. several times I wrote to techies both in the new and in the old web hosting. the unsubscriptions are the same as yours. we have already given the first ones. we haven't received the second ones yet.
Interestingly, the old hosting provider called a couple of times, clarified why so immediately and took everything away from them, offered discounts.