Why there are different prices for domain registration?

Started by Novel Web Solution, Jul 25, 2022, 12:38 AM

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Can anyone explain why there are so different prices for domain registration from different registrars? It's just a set of letters, they don't get better or worse depending on the price... Why is renewal often 2 times more expensive than registration....

These are rhetorical questions, and now to practical ones.

I have more than 50 domains in different zones. Registered and renewed in different places. The most terrible and expensive place is GoDaddy.

Who will advise where to concentrate domains so that it is good and not expensive ??? Sketch please options.


The prices are different, because the registrars have distinct pricing policies.
Someone earns on what they sell in bulk and cheaply, close to the cost (for example, the cost of .com for a registrar is $8.06).

Someone also sells not expensive, but with a bunch of upsells that the domainer and SEO specialist won't take, but the end user will, because he has no idea that he doesn't need all this.
It's like GoDaddy, who spend millions on ads like the Super Bowl, so say "domain" to the standard American and they'll immediately say Godaddy.
And there are those who are also guided by the end user, and are not shy about keeping the price of $32 for .com until now, like 25 years ago, like Network Solution for example.


There are a lot of root domain zones. The rules in them are murky.
I heard from some registrar that they themselves do not know which domain is premium and which is not. The owner of the zone almost decides on the fact of the order premium or not.
The client ordered, paid at the standard price, the registrar sends an application for registration to the owner of the zone, and in response to him like "we have conferred here and decided that this domain is premium". generally, a real mess.