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Started by Kevin56, Sep 22, 2022, 12:15 AM

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An example is the free website used in uCoz. Put the basic content on site and still keep the domain name for sale. Can it help sell?
As far as I understand now as a beginner, everyone buys abandoned domains with backlinks, so is it worth making a free web site?


The finished website has more potential for sale. Presence of external links and presence in catalogs, topics, traffic increase the cost.
You can sell a site with a domain name as a finished product that requires minimal settings and investments on the website exchange, forums. Specialized services for evaluating the cost of the site  take into account the resource indicators and form an approximate price.

A stub page about the sale installed on a working website will help to avoid traffic losses and will act as an additional tool for posting information for potential buyers.
When parking a domain name or adding a registrar to the auction hall, the html stub "Domain for sale" is placed automatically, providing a template to choose from with the ability to insert text and contact details for feedback.

Sell a site with a domain and hosting.
To increase the value of the resource, you can sell a site with a domain name and hosting. The future owner will receive a turnkey solution. The reliability of the hosting provider and the cost of its services form an increase in the price of the site being sold.

Sell a site without a domain.
Site developers create ready-made sites without binding to a domain name, but the complexity of assessing the potential does not provide a great demand for non-revenue websites. The value can be increased due to the unique design, complex themes, self-written CMS.