Risk of fake domain registration

Started by spyindiaanu, Aug 22, 2022, 04:40 AM

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spyindiaanuTopic starter

Dear domainers, help me.

If you specify random data when registering a domain name in the international zone (com, org, etc.), is there a risk that you will be required to verify your identity without the possibility of a transfer? Under what circumstances can this happen?

In particular, I am interested in the registrar namecheap.com, or others with the possibility of paying with cryptocurrency.



Depends of the registrar, depends of the domain. Namecheap still has personal data protection, why should the leftists indicate? Unless, of course, you are the heir to Escobar or Bin Laden and are going to continue their work, then yes, you should indicate the left data, otherwise it makes no sense who the hell needs you.
It also depends of the domain name. If for sale, satellites, doorways, pоrn sites, movie websites, etc., then you can leave data, if a serious promising project like Face or Google, then it's better to use your data, at least your first name and surname, and even better spend for private protection. It all depends on the situation and goals.