What do you think of this promotion? Worth it or not?

Started by metallexportprom, Jun 24, 2022, 03:39 AM

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What's better than a barbecue on a warm sunny may day? Especially since we are roasting fresh and juicy discounts for our famous memberships at Openprovider.
Have a look at this unique hot offer. :meat_on_bone:

Discount here: https://www.openprovider.com/membership-plans/coupons/bbq-discount
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What will be the domain prices after this membership?


They're great if you're planning on using them for a larger amount of domains, especially when you deal with a lot of TLDs and wish to consolidate at one registrar. Lots of tools and easy to automate stuff. Good offer.


We are constantly running promotions. Some discounts reach 100%! Keep your audience up to date, this way you will provide yourself with a significant increase in earnings. Promotions are a profitable tool for attracting attention and improving visitor conversions.

The principle of remuneration depends on the type of payment for the service:

for services with an annual or monthly payment (for instance, domain name registration, Web-forwarding, etc.) the entire amount is charged immediately;
for services that can be deleted with a refund of unused funds (for instance, virtual hosting, VPS, etc.), remuneration is not charged at a time, but upon use (i.e. once a day);
for cloud server services, a one-time reward is charged - $10, when the attracted user has spent $10 on any number of cloud servers, but not earlier than one month after the first payment;
bonuses are not accrued when ordering premium domains and domains purchased in the Domain Store;
if in the last 12 months the referrer has not attracted any new referral with newly ordered services, the accrual of bonuses is suspended and the current referral links for services are canceled. Revoked bindings are not restored;
if there are bonuses on the referral balance that were accrued earlier than 1 year ago, they are written off and become unavailable for use;