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Started by spyindiaanu, Oct 06, 2022, 04:21 AM

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Can you recommend a good service for tracking domain names?
Used to use whois.domaintools.com , but the last time he sent a notification of changes a couple of days after I registered the domain .


The utility called Jwhois is most in demand by users. Unlike the cheerful Unix counterparts, this program builds a huge configuration file, including about 1000 lines. WHOIS servers for domains and subdomains of all levels will be found here, but you will need daily updates to have operational information. Over the years, some servers cease to function, and new ones are put into operation. So you will never be able to achieve one hundred percent effectiveness.

A good alternative to the previous utility is Ruby Pwhois . The advantage of this software is that configurations and updates are released weekly. You can be sure that the domain owner will be discovered. The configuration is presented in the format of a file tree with separately prescribed queries and output results.

Here are a few more:

https://whois.eurid.eu/en/ - checking the .eu zone (EU)
https://www.nic.lv/whois?lang=en - checking the .lv zone (Latvia)


This project will be of interest to Ukrainian users. Despite the fact that the functionality of the WHOIS service is standard, this site is useful because it is also possible to register a domain on it.
Additional services are also provided on the site:
online punycode converter;
online password generator;
online text encryption;
checking for the presence of an IP address in spam databases;
checking the existence of an e-mail;
calculation of file upload time;

This is a standard WHOIS service that does not provide any additional features, but at the same time it is quite popular everywhere.