How to buy at a discount

Started by Selmash, Jul 10, 2022, 07:29 AM

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When buying a domain at a discount, pay attention to the renewal price. After all, it may be more than the registration price and we publish it honestly in every offer. This may not matter if you need a temporary domain, but for long-term projects you will be able to determine how comfortable the annual fee is for you.


Hello! First of all, thanks for the warning here.
I should say that it's really important topic, that's one of the most common marketing methods in the case of domain trading. Could you, please, tell me where such domains are published? And in what step of the buying transaction does a seller usually reveal the renewal price? Is it possible that they will keep it until the moment of the annual fee?


In most domain zones, there is a "redemption period", it comes after a 30-day delay in payment. In that status, the current domain owner can also restore the domain, but the cost of such restoration is several times higher than usual.
At the end of the 60-65-day delay period, the domain name will become free again, and everyone will be able to register it. That is why it is recommended to make the payment on time and do not forget to renew the domain.

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