Advice needed for transferring expired/expiring domains

Started by argoway, Jun 21, 2022, 02:32 AM

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argowayTopic starter

It is a long story that I will share at a later time, but I have the need to transfer out quite a few domains that are expiring at a registrar I am moving away from.

My concerns are over the timing...for example, how long before the expire date should I start the transfer? I am worried the names might be caught in 'limbo' and/or the losing registrar will somehow interfere in the transfer to the winning registrar.

I know the rule of thumb is 5 days for a transfer, but is a name safe once the transfer has been initiated? In this case, I am sure an expedited transfer will be blocked by the losing registrar.

As long as I've been in this game, this has never been a issue for me...I guess I've been fortunate (and lucky) to have not experienced this situation yet. Thanks for your advice/information.


They are not allowed to deny a transfer of a domain thats not renewed/expired unless they delete it. Some exceptions like ongoing udrp, fraud, etc.

What do they do with expired names? Delete them so they enter Redemption Grace Period? If they send them to RGP right away that might cause an issue as they would need to restore it which comes with fees (like on a regular lifecycle when the domain enters RGP).

Check the domain registration agreement of your registrar to obtain that info.

Are we talking gTLDs? Could be different when you deal with tlds (like ccTLDS) where ICANN has no authority.


Normally even if the transfer takes 5 days, but you initiated it just one day before the expiration and the start was confirmed by email, you should be safe.
Transfer should be finished correctly after 5 days, regardless. I was quite a few times in this same situation and never had a problem.
However, it's best to talk to the registrar, double checking this moment.


After the Expiration Date, the domain can be renewed by the current domain registrant (owner) for the usual renewal price or increased, depending on the stage of the domain's life. A possible price increase is a rule established by the international registrar. That is why timely renewal of domain registration in the international zone is especially important.
In order not to forget to renew the domain name on time, enable the Auto-Renewal option.

Various international domain zones have their own peculiarities and rules for domain renewal, including the registrar can set additional periods of limited domain operation, as well as a special procedure for its renewal. Please check with the company's managers about the terms of domain renewal in other zones.