Best Backorder service/services for .in domain

Started by maestro_bah, Jun 21, 2022, 02:41 AM

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maestro_bahTopic starter

Hello there,

I want to backorder a .in domain name which is currently in redemption period. Please tell me best backorder services for .in domains I will use multiple services as I dont want to loose this domain name.

Earlier I have used "" but they missed to catch the domain.


Hard to give a response with no experience with extension but either it requires you jump on it with a back order or you count the time and jump in. What i mean by counting the time is understanding at what first moment it is available.

Eg Knowing how long the registrar holds the name before either auctioning it or letting it drop. I can say a dot com at godaddy will take approx 70 days from expiry but i assume it is going to be different. I am sure some of our Indian traders can comment. There are some excellent dot in investors here with loads of sales.


There are no good backorder service for .in domains, as NIXI bars people from selling .in/ domains.

But is good, also you can use your own script.


Backorder is a service that allows you to register domain names after they have been deleted, in other words, domain names that have some kind of search rankings and indicators, or just beautiful free domains.
The Backorder service is often used by people who are professionally engaged in making money on the Internet - such as reselling domains, creating websites, collecting domain name portfolios.
Including .IN domain names.