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Started by asold, Aug 25, 2022, 11:01 AM

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The problem is the following, I'll start with a short background.
I had a .com domain, I missed it a couple of years ago (I didn't renew it on time, and after deleting I bought it). And now the point.
In winter, I check the fate of that domain name, I see that the new owner has not "taken off" and is in redemption. I decided that it might be worth repurchasing it (now I have a site with the same name in .de, but there is still a certain amount of branded packaging with the old address, I decided that the domain would still come in handy). Networksolutions registrar, I put a backorder with them. However, after a few days, the backorder fee is returned, and I receive a letter saying that it is not possible. I waited until pending delete, on the eve of deletion I checked the name at auctions. It was nowhere on the auction lists. I think, okay, so no one needs it (the name is very specific, uniquely invented by me, it's not well known to anyone who needs it except me), so I'll wait for a minute of deletion and register again. However, at the time of deletion, the domain is re-registered by networksolutions and again I cannot take it.

I go to their site, click the backorder again, and at the same time write them an appeal, describe the situation.
Suddenly, the domain name floats away to some French (all this happens within half an hour from the moment of deletion). How is this even possible if it was not at auction?!
In the morning he received a letter from the registrar, saying, well, let's start working on your questions. I answer them in pursuit, they say, I sailed to the French, I didn't appear in the auctions, so you can help? They are silent. For some reason, the backorder does not appear in my account, although the money was debited.
The next day I see that the French have put the domain up for sale. For the indicated price, they still won't buy it from them, they want too much. For strangers, it does not have this value.
What are my next steps?


The more you show your interest, the more they want to get from you ($$). If the domain name is not commercial, that is, it is not some cool phrase in correct English, then it is quite possible that they will not want to renew it in a year - if there are no requests to buy it. If there are such requests - from you, for instance, then they will not drop, but will wait. If you don't need a domain very much, it's better to forget about it for a year and look there already.

If the domain name was dropped, they would have dropped it without you, your offer can only remotely affect the decision of the owner. From the latest examples: a week ago there was a domain, registered in 2008, over the years there were only 4 offers, and that was because a specific price hung on the domain, if it were not there, there would be more offers like yours. So, among these 4 proposals there were two for $800, one $1000, and in December before the New Year they offered $100)) And what do you think, they somehow "influenced"? The day before yesterday we closed the deal for 240 thousand rubles.
Once again: if that domain was dropped - don't think it's because of your offer, it means that the domain was banal trash and there were no significant number of applicants for it.


let's go through the services for the backorder. The most popular, with approximately the same power, are three. Their application is free, payment is only made if you have become the owner of the domain.

— NameJet
Cost: $80
Private Auction
— SnapNames
Cost: $90
Private Auction
— DropCatch
Cost: $60
Public auction

Another popular smaller service: Pheenix. The cost of the order is $ 20. It works on prepayment: if the domain is not caught, it will be possible to put it on another one.

GoDaddy also provides backorder services: according to reviews on it works weaker than other backorder services and often puts domains up for public auction. The payment principle is similar to Pheenix.
Regardless of the service, after registration, to confirm the card, the services block up to $ 1 on it. The amount is refunded within 10 days, depending on the bank.

How best to order a domain
Now the trick. If you don't really need the domain, and you want to risk taking it manually — before you do this, check whether it is in the NameJet, SnapNames auctions, whether it is in the DropCatch database.
If the answer to all three questions is negative, you have a pretty big chance.
If the domain is only in DropCatch, which happens often, put a backorder on them. Otherwise, they will seize it and it will go to HugeDomains, a DropCatch partner, where the price will be greatly raised on it: domains with an approximate cost of $ 70, according to EstiBot, are sold there for at least $ 4000.

My advice is not to use the DropCatch discount club and apply for the full price: according to reviews from a popular forum , many have such a situation: DropCatch catches the domain, but sends it not to the person who sent the application, but to HugeDomains.
If the domain is in all three services, apply for a backorder in them. The more applications there are in different services, the more likely it is to successfully catch the domain name.