Forgot to renew the domain. What do I do now?

Started by Term, Sep 07, 2022, 01:46 PM

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Good day. Can you tell me what to do in this situation? Forgot to renew the domain, it was hijacked. I still have all the files.
Will the traffic be restored if I register a new domain and put all the files in the database? And what to do in general in this situation? If you can step by step. The new owner of the contact does not go.


If he deploys a copy of the site of the web-archive, while you think, then nothing will happen. He will take the traffic.

And so, technically may or may not be perceived as that site.


If he does not sell it back to you, the domain will not return.
If he turns the site around, you lose everything.
If he took the domain for his own purposes, then try to deploy on the new domain, and check with Google / Yandex about this incident.


Is the domain valuable? Was there traffic to the site? If not, then forget it and make a new one.
If the new owner does not get in touch, it is unlikely you will return it.

For the future: be sure to install auto-renewal.  ;)


Hello. I think it was big mistake and you can't do nothing with listing your traffic I mean. It's a new way to make business again with new similar domain name. Of course, new owner will not return nothing, it's not useful for him/her.


Buy on specialized websites for a period of one year. Then do not miss the moment and extend the validity period. this is both beneficial and the preservation of the domain.


It is also worth considering that international domain names can be extended up to 10 years in advance. National domains (so far) only for 1 year.
After the registration is completed, the domain is turned off for 30 days — a screen saver appears on it about the absence of renewal, mail does not work, etc. It is not difficult to notice that the site does not work for a long time.
The domain name administrator can still extend the registration during this period. International domains after this period turn off the domain completely and allow you to return it for x10-x100 renewal cost (domain restoration), and then delete the domain name or transfer it to an open auction.