How to renew domain names cheaper?

Started by Kralj187, Sep 09, 2022, 10:06 AM

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Who can explain me what kind of divorce that is:
I bought a bundle of domain names a year ago from one registrar, these are international domains. And this year, the price tag for renewal was put up to 10 times more expensive than the registration price. At the same time, there were no warnings that prices would be so inflated.
Even now I can't find any information on the website. It is not profitable for me to renew about 30 domain names at such prices. How can I extend it cheaper?


I had that once, the price for an extension doubled, and when I bought the price for an extension was also indicated, the reason I was answered was an increase in the dollar exchange rate, like they buy from others, well, in short, something like that, then I threw the domain, it was not profitable to buy at such a price.
generally, the hype around earnings on domain names has already subsided, there are fewer mass registrations, new zones are poorly sold out... So registrars and resellers come up with new methods of earning. Low or zero registration costs and high renewals are no longer a new feature. Now it is still common that when regaining a domain name, some accompanying useless paid services are offered by default.


you can see it here
from $ 12 transfer (extension for 1 year) and extension (from the 2nd year and subsequent) transfer $13.49, then subsequent extensions of $15.79

I used to use the service for this . They had attractive prices and actively practiced discount coupons. Over the years, I no longer like this service, as the prices for domain extensions have increased.
Plus, getting through to tech support is a whole quest. So I moved all my domains from this service to , their cost turns out to be more profitable.