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Started by richardBranson, Jul 25, 2022, 09:57 AM

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richardBransonTopic starter

Can anyone share about your successful sales (or simple sales) this year. I only have spending so far. I own 35 domain names in different zones. For three years there was only one sale, something about $50.

On the one hand, it seems to be an asset (I'm talking about 35 names), but from the point of money view, it's pure bones. And it's a pity to quit and carry it seems to make no sense. What would your colleagues suggest?


Sold in current year for $37,000, which  is in CCTLD a little more than 15%.
In the .de zone, there are nothing so far.

From here it was concluded that it is pointless not to look for a watch under a lamp, because it is better to see it there.
It is necessary to transfer activities from the .de zone, in which everything is simple and familiar, to zones where there are sales and, accordingly, profit - .com and .net. There are still enough of opportunities out there.


The prices of sellers who put their domain names up for sale on SEDO have a strong spread, although the most sonorous domains still have a high price: 725,000 USD 276,000 USD 46,400 USD 8,848 GBP

But, transactions for the sale and purchase of domain names are made when the buyer is willing to pay such a price and has a plan for the development of a website on such a domain.